Sunday, November 6, 2011

Squirrel Trapping & Removal Fort Worth

Fort Worth Squirrel Trapping & Removal

The most common complaint associated with squirrels is noise. Our squirrel control customers in Fort Worth, TX will hear noises within their homes, typically at sunrise. At first light, squirrels will begin to scurry around, looking for food. Occasionally, customers will find the entry point from the outside – the hole where the squirrels are getting into the home – but typically the first signs of a squirrel control situation are the irritating noises they make in the early hours of the morning.

When customers in Fort Worth, TX call us, we ask them a series of questions to help determine if and what type of squirrel control is necessary. It is important for customers to track what time of day they are hearing noises, how long they have been hearing noises and in what area of the home or building they are hearing noises.

Squirrels will enter buildings for shelter and nesting. Squirrels in Fort Worth, TX have litters of babies in the spring and in the fall, and commonly end up in the attics of buildings. If squirrel control is not implemented immediately when the squirrel situation is identified, the population of squirrels living in or around a building will continue to grow. Every time a new litter grows up and leaves the nest, they begin to look for places to build their own nests in other areas of the building. It is important to implement squirrel control in your Fort Worth, TX home or business in order to prevent large populations of squirrels.

The most effective method of squirrel control is trapping them. Assassin Exterminating & Pest Control will set traps to catch the squirrels around your home or business. We then monitor every hole to ensure there are no squirrels still coming and going. Once we have removed all squirrels from the building, we will seal the entry points.

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